Glenn Croston - Principal Consultant

Summary of Qualifications

  • Track record of drug discovery success at startup, small and mid-sized pharma companies
  • Advanced eight clinical candidates in ten years
  • Proven scientific innovator (published in Science, Nature, Genes and Development)
  • Strong network of collaborators throughout biotech and pharma
  • Broad skill set spanning the full range of preclinical drug discovery

Glenn Croston Consulting

Excellence in Drug Discovery.

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Professional Experience


Principal Consultant

Pharmaceutical research and development consulting across a broad range of therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, urology, oncology, CNS, reproductive health, endocrinology, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, sepsis, pain, liver disease, and more.  Services provided include therapeutic area strategy, business development, due diligence, grant writing, literature preparation, literature review, and startup consulting.  

FERRING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, San Diego, CA                                                
Director/Senior Director of Drug Discovery Pharmacology
Built and led pharmacology team delivering lead optimization, target validation, biomarkers, and translational pharmacology using in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo models. Therapeutic areas included gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, reproductive health, urology, sepsis, pain, and novel molecular targets, from hypothesis to clinical candidate, with a focus on peptide and protein-based therapeutics. Developed strategic research plans as a member of senior management team.  Delivered translational pharmacology to advance eight clinical candidates in ten years, including ground breaking work in pain (now in Phase 3), sepsis (now in Phase 3), and hepatology (Pbase 1)..

ACADIA PHARMACEUTICALS, San Diego, CA                                                      
Group Leader
Developed all systems for chemical genomics to identify target-selective hits and leads, validate targets and perform lead optimization.  Optimized capabilities with cell-based functional assays for GPCRs, cytokine receptors, nuclear receptors, and protein kinases. Therapeutic areas included schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, pain, cancer, and obesity.  Discovered Pimavanserin, NDA filed 2015.


Senior Research Scientist                                                      
Delivered lead discovery, lead optimization, and molecular pharmacology in oncology, metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease.  Research with Rich Heymans' group published in Nature.

TULARIK, INCORPORATED, South San Francisco, CA                                        
Postdoctoral Researcher
Research with biotech pioneer Dr. Dave Goeddel (first non-academic scientist at Genentech) identified a novel IL-1 receptor associated kinase (IRAK) coupled to NF-kB activation as a potential target in the development of anti-inflammatory drugs.

UC SAN DIEGO, San Diego, CA                                                                                  
Ph.D. Graduate Research
Working with Dr. Jim Kadonaga, discovered role of histone H1 as a key component in the regulation of gene expression in cell free systems.  My graduate thesis was awarded the Kamen prize as outstanding thesis in the UCSD Department of Biology.  Thesis research included first author publication in Science, Genes and Development